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Physical Address

ProLabel, Inc.
4840 Hammond Industrial Drive
Cumming, GA 30041

Mailing Address

ProLabel, Inc.
POB 896
Cumming, GA 30028



Markets Served

Food & Beverage Industry
The food industry has unique labeling requirements that we are very familiar with. The poultry and meat processing industry must have labels that withstand exposure to your industry’s unique environmental conditions but also meet the strict USDA guidelines. We also service manufacturers of baked goods, candies, and other processed foods; as well as the wine, dairy, bottled water, deli, and fresh produce industries. Thermal transfer labels are also available for point-of-sale scale applications.

Health & Beauty Industry
Durability is crucial in designing prime labels for the health and beauty industry. These labels not only have to possess a sophisticated and elegant image, but also withstand the factory filling process and survive repeated customer use. Foil stamping and embossing would add to the image giving the impression of higher quality to consumers.

Chemical Industry
Prime labels used in chemical packaging need to tolerate the product filling process, where the labels may come in contact with the products. Some products may require a large amount of verbiage where our multi-part hinged label would provide the extra text space. Our ability to add multiple languages to the same label opens your product up to a larger, diverse range of consumers.

Specialty Labels
ProLabel has the ability to add something extra to your product labels, including inline foil stamping and embossing. This eye-catching addition greatly improves the look of your product. Added Value labels, such as Instant Redeemable Coupons, multi-part hinged labels, and two sided labels, enable you to get the most out of your label.


ProLabel Recent News

2/1/2010 - New plate processer installed.


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